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Julie Gudger's Bio | JG Studios, LLC


The inspiration for Julie's art is drawn from everyday life. Her paintings reflect ideas, emotions and expressions that

come from the heart and inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Her primary media is acrylic on stretched canvas.


Recent work has been inspired from the desire for peace and quiet and the vastness and variety of clouds, sunsets and

skies in general, either from the beauty of the somewhere tropical or just a car ride in the city. Her eyes have been mesmerized by the changes in each one, and there is an urgency to paint when she sees one. Along with sunsets,

nature as a whole is inspiring...whether it is positive or negative. Art is the way Julie best expresses joy, peace, hurt,

anger and frustration from events in the world or in her life as a whole. Working from basic emotions helps the viewer

engage more deeply into each painting.


Julie is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting, and a minor in Art History.

She ventured into advertising with a certificate in Art Direction from the Creative Circus. She works extensively in 

commercial real estate in the Atlanta area. She currently resides in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, daughter

kittens & puppy dog. 

Work can currently be seen in person at different locations of Peachtree Offices

in Atlanta Georgia. Or she can meet in person, by appointment.

Artist in her studio
Painting in an office
Office lobby with large painting
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